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That's what I saw, too.

I'm actually wondering if the Blast wouldn't fit in well with the Groms.

Ok, sure, the Blast is 500cc, but it's also incredibly heavy and such a smoldering pile. I rode one of these once and couldn't believe what a PoS this thing is. Imagine a detuned, half-a-sportster motor in a wet noodle chassis.

There really isn't enough bad that can be said about it.
The P3 is only 25lbs more than the ex250 which hardly qualifies it to be "Incredibly heavy". I've personally owned several of these bikes and have many customers who are very happy with their reliability. I think they have great potential in the SSE class and could benefit from legal modifications to compression or displacement (like the CBR250 gets) to level the playing field even more. I was very happy with the way mine performed in my first ever race. I was at the back of the pack but finished ahead of many people and really had a good race with several others. I think an all blast class would be fantastic.