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Thread: Walter et al

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    Sucks the boards have had the discussions it's had lately. I have to say I'm saddened by news of Linz. He's always been that smiley face I'd see at the races. However my experiences with Nancy, Walter, and the rest who run this organization have been very pleasant. Sure they don't sit down and chat it up but geez these are busy folks. Anyway I hope somehow this can come to an amicable conclusion. I'm excited for this coming weeks race and hope to see everyone there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Finning View Post
    My hope is that everyone on all sides who have spoken up.. or not.. is just as willing when we are at the meeting.. face to face..I know I am... otherwise.. This is just a feeding frenzy for no real purpose.
    Scott, I unfortunately won't be able to make it due to work since this Town Hall Meeting is set for this Friday, April 22nd at 6 p.m.
    I'm not sure how many others won't be able to attend because of the set time. IMO Saturday would be the best choice don't you think?
    On the other hand I do have to admit that "every" single time I had to talk and interact with CMRA staff they were very professional and polite. I have never had a problem with any one... I'm sad about Linz situation and how it was handled because potentially could happened to any of us...
    I do hope this meeting will bring answers and a better all around atmosphere to the club.

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    Steve McNamara
    Thanks for your support and kind words!

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