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Thread: some help needed

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    some help needed

    hi there. i am concerned about a coolant leak i got on my R6, its a `99 and every time i let it stand running or stop at a stoplight a decent amount of coolant?(i think) leak from the stator cover. is it a no major problem or a big one?. let me know and i will keep an eye on it. thanks.

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    Well, nothing should be leaking from anywhere, so any leak is a problem.

    That said, coolant doesn't run through your stator, so coolant shouldn't be leaking out of your stator cover unless you've got a HUGE problem. Either you're leaking oil instead of coolant, or the leak is actually somewhere else, and just running down and dripping off near your stator cover. It should be easy enough to tell the difference - oil is dark and, well, oily. Coolant is a brighter color (blue, green, or orange) and feels more watery.

    If you're leaking oil from your stator cover, you likely just have a bad gasket. An an older bike like yours, that's rather common, especially if it's been crashed. You can pop that cover off and replace the gasket between the cover and the engine pretty quickly and easily. If you're leaking coolant, you'll need to find exactly where that leak is coming from. You might have to replace a hose or a gasket or who knows what - it depends where the leak is.

    Regardless of what's leaking, it's a big problem. Your bike obviously has a finite amount of fluid in it, so it can only leak for so long before you start getting major engine damage. The fact that you're not sure if it's oil or coolant suggests you haven't topped up either fluid. Check both - whichever one is low is probably the one you're leaking.

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    Radiator Fluid is slick. Even a minor leak can become a HUGE issue if you loose control and crash because of it.
    If you are not sure on how to identify the problem then I would take it somewhere that does know. It might cost you a bit more but will be a lot cheaper than a wrecked motorcycle and ER bill.
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    ok, i checked the coolant level from the radiator cap and its full. so you say could be oil?. the weird thing is when i see it leaking the fluid is more clear and watery not oily. by the way, i just replaced oil pan gasket with its engine oil service. next time i will take a pic or a video to show it more close.

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    clean it all up and then put a white paper towel under where it drips. See what color drop you end up with. You could also take a blue shop towel (since they turn dark blue when wet) and tuck it around the top of the stator and around that area. If you have a drop on the floor, pull them out and see if there is any dark blue. If not, chances are it is below where the shop towels were. I've also used a thin coating of baby powder, but that seemed to help more with where the leak wasn't rather than where it was.
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    Thanks buddy, I will do that. Also I was thinking about a flooded carb float every time it leaks and touch and smell it but doesnt smell like gas.

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    updates: just to let you know guys, its fixed now. it was just a simple overfilled radiator and reservoir. now i got no leaks. see you on the road. thanks

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