Provisional Novices if you are unsure or need a reminder of the requirements needed to move up to Novice, please take a few minutes to read the post here which describes the Provisional Novice Licensing Procedure:

Special note to Prov Novs who are using endurance races to complete their two weekend no-crash race requirement: in order for your stint(s) on the endurance bike to count, you must report to the Pit Steward before and after you ride the bike. You must report to the Pit Steward one else can do it for you. The Pit Steward will record the time that you go out and the time that you come in. This is the only way that your race requirement can be validated. If you forget to report a stint, it will not count.

Again, if you are confused about requirements and the procedures, please read the post, read the rulebook, ask questions here and/or contact me at the office.