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Thread: WTB Alpinestars Supertech r boots

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    WTB Alpinestars Supertech r boots

    Looking for a new/very slightly used set of Alpinestars Supertech r boots. I wear a size 10.5 US. Let me know. Thanks.

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    I don't know how fast you need them by, but I use whenever I'm buying anything Italian (Alplinestars, Dainese). They've got the last-gen boots for a pretty good price. Even the current-gen ones are significantly cheaper than what US retailers are charging. Plus, you get 20 discount codes for product reviews - you don't even need to have bought the product through them, they just need English reviews that badly

    I've made 3 orders through them, and everything has showed up in great shape 2-3 weeks later.

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    I’ll give them a look. Thanks

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