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Thread: WTB: Leathers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Jensen View Post
    I think that a 58 would be a bit big as a starting point for alterations. I have a back protector. Where are you located? Price? Pictures?
    I can't post photos here for some reason pm me your number and I'll text you some pictures.

    I'm located in Dallas I'd take $800 for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Henke View Post
    Confused how a EUR 58 could be so snug on 6 190lb dude. Im 61, 200lb and wear a 54 (44 US)
    It wasn't tight until i put ther back protector in. I probably just needed to wear it more to get it to stretch out some.

    From what i recall i felt the legs were a bit short but only like an inch or two. And it was tight around the chest area length wise torso was short made it hard to get in a tuck

    It fit me like a tight tight glove

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    A 54 is the closest rack size for me, and I tried on several new suits on Friday and some were well under $800. I am looking into custom suits next week.

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    I had this problem for years. I'm 6'2" about 210. Nothing ever fit me correctly. I got with Robert Lackey at Bison Track. Best decision I've made. Great product and a great price. I was able to design exactly what I wanted and he custom tailored it me. Just an idea. Its a huge upgade over off the shelf on fit and finish.

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