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Thread: Race bike without VIN

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    Race bike without VIN

    Can a motorcycle be raced in CMRA without a VIN?
    See below

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Uva View Post
    Can a motorcycle be raced in CMRA without a VIN?
    See below
    Anything with the VIN cut off and a plate put in could get confiscated by the cops. Even if it is very well documented.

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    Is that link real? That ad has "arrest me" written all over it............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Simmons View Post
    Is that link real? That ad has "arrest me" written all over it............
    TRU-DAT!!! .. I'm guessin

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    they sold the bike to us as a parts bike
    Why are they still trying to sell the bike? To me it's clear that it should have been parting out!

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    Hi Rich,

    That is an absolutely gorgeous bike and a great price if you are ok with exotic and hunting for parts. I have always loved this version of the MV. I think this is a very legitimate sale and coming from a dealership that is well known. I would call MV Agusta directly (: +39 0332 254111) and make sure they actually gave this bike to them. They will be able to verify. If so, always haul it in an enclosed trailer and not in the back of the truck as tends to catch more police eyes in a truck bed. ... have all paperwork with you during travel.... Hopefully Walter or another board member can comment on the VIN issue and racing it. See this picture for fun. Look by Rossi's left hand. That is the italian registration sticker of his motogp bike to prove he uses it for work and income due to his tax issues in the past lol. Great sense of humor. Brandie

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    Ok I'll be perfectly clear DO NOT BRING THIS TO A CMRA EVENT. It is illegal to posses a vehicle with an altered VIN . title 47 in Oklahoma state statute is very very clear on this and I have checked Texas has the same law I just cant tell you what statute number it is.
    And contrary to common belief a warrant is not needed to inspect any VIN ,sorry the supreme court has already ruled on this decades ago, .
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    Interesting! Thanks, Danny! Perhaps you can confirm that does NOT include blank frames (e.g. original frame damaged, purchased new frame, which of course has no VIN).
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    It does covers completely altered vin and/or vin grind marks, cut and weld...etc. As we found years ago at Oakhill a blank frame can cause a problem by getting seized but after that task force did research they should have done in the first hand they returned the bikes and no charges were attempted due to a blank frame being legally purchased from a dealer as an oem part.

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    Any machine with an altered or modified VIN regardless of where it came from or what kind of paperwork it has will not be allowed in CMRA competition. No questions no discussion. Any machine found to have an altered or modified VIN # will be disqualified and removed from the property where the CMRA event is being held immediately. Again no questions or discussions. Case closed!
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