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    New Rider

    Needing Advice... My son just turned 15 and is wanting to get into Road Racing. We have sold our Sprint Cars and are looking to go 2 wheels. Hes started in Karts at 4 years old. He weighs 165# and stands 511 he works out everyday and is very strong for his size. He knows his way around the R6 and GSXR 600 engines since we ran them in our Mini Sprints. He does ride Mx bikes so he is not unfamiliar to 2 wheels. He is prepared to put in all the class time and practice time to get licensed. We are firm believers in seat time. Im needing to know what size and class of bike do yall think is a good starting point. Thanks

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    Quick reply, per rulebook he is age limited to "D" class machinery or smaller...a Suzuki sv650, Yamaha fz07, ninja 650 etc, or and 250,300,400,500 ninja,cbr,r3,ktm etc.
    To "save" money on first racer I recommend buying one already set up . there are folks on here that have these for sale.
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    What Danny said. Start on a lightweight bike. Cheap as chips. He will learn more in a short period of time on a small bike. Ninja 250, Yamaha R3 is a great place to start. SV650 or FZ 07 next. Plenty of people in the paddock to help out with anything you need...
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    Thanks Y’all Looking Forward to meeting all of y’all

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    set up one of your MX bikes as motard....or any of the other suggestions are good. since he rides motorcycles already, I suspect the ninja 250 isn't going to thrill him much.

    Good luck! Having fun is the key. No more cages(I suspect some of the cars he drove had cages)...and the pavement hurts...get the best gear you can for him!

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    All have had Cages but that’s the issue. as these cars get faster and faster these young drivers get a false since of security for the speeds they are traveling. I’ve always noticed a bigger respect from the two wheels guys for their speeds and their competitors. Yes the pavement does hurt.

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