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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Simmons View Post
    If it incorrect, then I apologize.
    I thought you were just supposed to charge all of your racing to it and never look at the balance???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Smith View Post
    I thought you were just supposed to charge all of your racing to it and never look at the balance???
    That's what I do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael De Simone View Post
    That's what I do
    I make Daisy do all that horrible stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Simmons View Post
    Great advice from Cody except one thing. Do not pay the entire credit card balance off every month. You actually need to carry a balance for it to help you. Another thing to try is getting a $500 6 month signature loan from a bank. Just make the monthly payments on it. A couple of those will increase your score a ton.
    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Henke View Post
    This isn’t a financial advice thread but I have to comment on your advice, Christopher. For some reason, the”don’t pay it off” concept is commonly believed, or, rather, misunderstood. The truth apparently lies in not paying off the balance before the statement. Pay your entire statement every period, not the entire balance.
    To clarify, these are two separate things. Josh is saying that you have two balances...sometimes they can be the same if you stop using your card, but you have a "statement balance" which is the money you owe from the last statement and the "current balance" which is the money you owe from your statement balance PLUS anything else you've bought to current. Ideally, you pay the statement balance off in full on your due date. The reason you don't pay off the current balance has nothing to do with credit score and more to do with the fact that it is an interest-free loan up until the next due date. So keep your money in savings earning interest until then.

    It is actually a myth to not pay your statement balance in full. Thankfully so. There's no need to pay credit card interest to help build credit - paying your bill on time is good enough. Here's the link from Experian (credit reporting company) confirming that:


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    My Background: Starting street riding two years ago on a Ninja 650 (plenty of bike for a new rider). I rode for 1 year and did 2 track days on that bike. Then I got a 600 and rode that for a year, doing 2-3 trackdays as well. Then I got a S1000rr, and rode that for 4 months before an unfortunate accident while street riding (and 1 track day). I still miss her, tear.

    My advice: Unless you have a track to get a 1000 up to 190mph, it's just going to get you into trouble or not be used. At the end of the day, it's your money so do what you want. I recently bought a 600 from someone who raced it, for the sake of only track riding for the foreseeable future. The reason, the tracks next to me do not allow a 1000 to open up. Lastly, track riding kills the street riding experience. IMO, if you're riding on the street like you ride on the track it's going to catch up with you. Lastly, I was only paying about $800 a year for full comp on the s1000rr... now that pays for 3-4 track days a year...

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    Hey guys thanks for the advice. Update I now have my M endorsement. I realized that I messed up in my first post I meant that I did not have any moving violations. I've since been able to find much cheaper insurance 1000 cc motorcycles. I'm not 100% set in stone on what my choice will be yet. Part of my thought process has been to get a sv650 or fzo7. And then get a liter bike later on down the road. I figured if I get one of the smaller bikes I could turn it into a track bike later.

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    SV to race? I, like a few others, have one for purchase. lol

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