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Thread: Picking a bike for a returning racer

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    Picking a bike for a returning racer

    I raced a 636 a decade ago and it was just too much machine for my experience level but I was young and stubborn. Now I'm leaning toward a RC390 or comparable ride. I would like something that won't eat the tires in a single track day like the 636 did. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Also, is there a racing group like CMRA further east? I find myself stuck in Louisville Kentucky and Texas is just to far to go to race...

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    Glad to hear you're reconsidering the sport! The sub-500cc segment of racing is certainly exploding the fastest right now. These bikes aren't the Ninja 250s from ten years ago; with standard mods, they can hit 45+ hp. Enough power to be fun without burning through tires and brakes too fast. As far as specific bike, the RC390 has fallen far out of favor just due to reliability and cost of ownership. Ninja 400 or R3 is the way to go now. If you're just getting back into the swing of things, I'd say just buy whatever you can get the best deal on. Bikes in that class are leapfrogging each other every two or three years anyway. Ninja 400 is king now, but that could change in 2021, who knows.

    The best org for you in Louisville would probably be WERA. They have a North Central division that races primarily in OH and MI, and southern divisions that race in AL and GA.

    Good luck out there!

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    Carter nailed it. I have raced a lot of different bikes and bike sizes since the 80's. I started endurance racing an ultralightweight bike (500cc or less) a few years ago and its a blast.
    About 2 weeks before the race at MSRH this Feb i stumbled across a 2015 r3 street bike , I over nighted some parts and i believe the paint was still wet the first day and it may be the bike that ive had the most giggle factor with, and under $3600.
    I cant wait to get back on track with it., It now has a good race prep and Im 20lbs lighter!

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    ninja 400 until the ninja 25r is sold in states. Not much experience w race clubs that direction outside WERA. The 400 seems to work well in lightweight classes w SV and the lot. It's a little tougher in CMRA as we have a history of having some if not the fastest SV racers in the country!

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