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Thread: ZX10R Rear Sprockets

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    ZX10R Rear Sprockets

    May have made had a giant error in judgement or a sound decision for years of fun...

    I recently picked up a 2013 ZX10R with tons of spares and all the stock parts. One think i noticed was a stack of worn out rear sprockets. This bike has less than 3000 miles (nearly all track miles) so seems like it is chewing through those sprockets at a break neck (not the best phrase) pace. With over 180HP I don't mind a few extra ounces on the sprocket for some longer sprocket life. Bike has a 520 conversion...

    Any suggestions on a brand for steel sprockets. Vortex, Driven, Renthal, etc...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Maybe the chain is worn out?

    Regardless I use vortex sprockets, on their website they have a section for rider support. Try to apply maybe you can score a deal. They have a "harder" sprocket and a steel sprocket you can buy. On my 600 the allumunum ones seemed to last pretty long.

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    Thanks Jordan...I'll get on their website and check it out...

    Congrats on the Grom Challenge victory. It was one of the most entertaining races of the weekend!

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