Are you looking for a Ready-To-Race bike able to be delivered for final MSR Houston Race?!

Here's your chance... These three bikes are Best Reasonable CASH Offer to any CMRA (or OMRRA) Licensed Racers, I have a bottom dollar minimum I can accept, if your offer is at or above my minimum, you bought yourself a race bike!!!

All have been stored at MonkeyMoto or at EDR (when up in Portland).

ALL are FAST, but all fit different wants and/or needs as well as classes.

The KTM and Triumph will receive Texas one-owner Title, both purchased 0 miles brand new by me, and Ducati is obviously a specialty build, I'm 2nd owner, former MonkeyMoto Race mechanic built it, 2005 Pierobon GP Italian framed with Ducati Air-cooled motor well built powering it.... beautiful red. Obviously if Ryan Andrews were to race it, he'd be bumped up to SBA and F1 again but for us mere mortals, I had it entered to race in SBD, LW Twins, F2 and LW F40 last October but decided since I hadn't tested it yet, and weather was horrid on Friday, it stayed in the rig and I raced my VERY developed Triumph only.

2012 KTM RC8R Super Spec
Geometry set up by Ty Howard
Superbike cams and Dynojet Power Commander were installed by Ty,
Dyno'd/Tuned by EDR at 176 RWHP, and 95 ft-lbs to the ground, published weight was 380 RTR and full of fuel (pump premium).
EDR added Rapid Bike System, includes: Launch Control, Engine Braking, Sensitivity of Electronic quick shifter, Fuel-to-Air, and Traction Control
EDR just overhauled and back-cut and micro finished the transmission, maybe has 10 total miles since.
EDR went over EVERYTHING back to front, top to bottom to make sure it was PERFECT.
MonkeyMoto repainted for me, has 6 miles on fresh paint.
Has Spare parts too varied to list them
Ready-To-Race especially since RC16 has been doing so well in MotoGP, this may well be an investment bike in not too distant future?!

2015 Triumph Daytona 675R has been raced to American Motorcycle Roadracing history up in Portland Oregon by Mackenzie Ancien, after her formerly Paid Pro AMA Triumph racer set up geometry to perfection.
It's had an INCREDIBLE transformation, look no further then my MSRH times in October 2017 on her, before letting Mackenzie race it for 2018 up in Portland, and two years hiatus from CMRA and MSRH I came back and had to relearn track but after her dad's changes, I was full 4 seconds faster on a track everyone was saying was 3-4 seconds slower times for most racers?! It's VERY well sorted... here's a look at Mackenzie's return to roadracing after her college soccer scholarship years took her away from this great sport...

Pierobon framed Ducati Air-cooled powered: the title alone should be self-explanatory?! Light weight, plenty of power, super great handling. The dash is a Micron system, currently best power is tuned for AV gas (much cheaper than U4.4 or other race gas) and the paint is GORGEOUS Kia Red paint, it's not Concourse perfect, but looks fantastic. Estimated 328 lbs. And I used it during a lesson, to chase down and pass a well-known National racer on his Gixxer 1000 at MSR Cresson, although it was his first session at Cresson, I still passed him hahahahaha (PM me or go to my YouTube Channel if you're curious as to who it was LOL "Fox Schaffer Don't lie to me")

MonkeyMoto has them, if you pay for them in time, I'll pay the transportation cost to deliver to you in time for Friday practice this next round.

I don't want to publish any numbers because if they don't sell soon enough for me, I have no issues keeping them for myself, and maybe selling at a higher price at a different time in our history LOL

Call or PM me to make cash or wire offer, keep in mind David at MonkeyMoto will handle all actual transactions, including all monies, delivery and paperwork, and they are at his MonkeyMoto Shop in Arglye/Lantana Texas.

Fox Schaffer
CMRA #15

So only Call David if want/need to come by in person for checking them out, or ask about different pick-up or delivery options.

All have racing slicks on them, all keep their front and rear stands with the sale (the KTM RC8R specific front stand is actually with me, and would swap with one it's currently using.)

Possible Trade(s) condsidered:
LASTLY, I am looking for a KTM 300 2-stroke dirt bike for a possible partial trade on any of these bikes.
Or a competition side-by-side might make me take a look as well.
ANY other trade offers are taken to heart for consideration, but mostly KTM 300 2-stroke is what I definitely want in the off season.

Trade for a well set-up 2018 or Newer Yamaha R1M racebike would be another want/need of mine