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Thread: 3 Racebikes for SALE!!! KTM, Triumph, GP-Framed Ducati

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    3 Racebikes for SALE!!! KTM, Triumph, GP-Framed Ducati

    Since CMRA Racing Ads are FOREVER, I have decided to provide my Craigslist Ad Link (below) instead.

    I'm having a 7-Day FIRE SALE at the request of my wife, simply to see if my price has been too high or, as I believe, Covid-19 has simply made this a tight/tough market place?!

    *PRICES in LINK below*

    176 rwhp, 95 lb-ft to ground, 380 pounds
    She has UBER dollars in her, including:
    Rapid Bike Electronic suite (TC, LC, EB, QS, F2A, etc)
    WSBK Spec KTM Factory CAMS (smooths and increase rwhp)
    Chris Fillmore's one-off rear shock he used in Ulrich 3-race season
    Lap timer (2)
    Ohlins steering damper (WP one is junk)
    back-cut and micro-polished transmission just done
    etc., misc spares
    Freshly repainted and completely torn down and gone over by EDR in Portland, Oregon
    I'm the only 1-owner, has Texas clean/clear title at transaction

    2015 Triumph Daytona 675R Supersport
    Mackenzie Ancien campaigned for 2018 at PIR with OMRRA (fastest 600 lap in 4 yrs)
    Her dad, Chris Ancien, had been a paid Triumph racer, on previous Gen Daytona, he used his vast experience for perfect geometry
    (See my fastest laps at MSRH in 2017 vs 2019 after I got it back, massive improvements from geometry and set-up)
    I'm original owner from new, has clean/clear 1-owner Texas Title
    Here's Mack
    Mackenzie became first Club-licensed female to win a Premier Class on this exact bike
    (obviously changed springs/suspension once I got it back LOL)

    Italian GP-Framed Air-Cooled Ducati
    Has MyChron dash...
    Title pretty much says it ALL right there,
    est. 122 rwhp, and LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT
    *Builder is Harry B. comes with B.O.S. only, if you request, I'm certain he can do a certificate of build for you.

    ALL transactions will go through David Roy at MotoMonkey, who has ALL three bikes in their possession.
    Triumph and GP-Framed Ducati at their store front location, KTM is in their other storage location.

    CALL ME, please no text conversations or emails?!
    Number is on Craigslist link

    CMRA licensed racers will get $200 OFF FIRE SALE price.... but those prices stop once I finish celebrating my 50th birthday next week LOL

    AFTER sale, if not sold, I'll add original Craigslist link in comments below

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    BUMP Fire Sale Ends Tuesday at midnight see link for Fire sale pricing

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    No takers, so simply just tough market right now. Back to normal prices

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    KTM and Pierobon/Ducati are gone, only Triumph remains, make cash offer!!!

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    ALL are gone!!! KTM SOLD, Pierobon traded for Duc Monster 797, rode 3 miles, not for me, traded that and Triumph towards MV Agusta Dragster 800RR Pirelli Edition 55/200 White and Blue, BEST street bike I have EVER EVER EVER rode, let alone owned!!! Took my 2019 R1 off the street to turn into my Texas Racebike, and still have the 2019 R1M racebike in Portland Oregon!!! Only had one race up there last season, dropped 3+ seconds off my PB the last race of 2019. Sooooo it is by far the EASIEST racebike to go fast that I've ever had!!! Get you some of that!!!

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