Thanks so much for your thoughtful response.

I am still concerned about the opportunity for one bad actor president to gain complete control of the club through the proposed changes to procedures (see details in my previous post). I really don't see the risk being worth the gains on this, still. It seems if we are trying to get more people involved, a better process would be for the nominating committee to only add nominees to the list, and then with the interviews, to recommend candidates to the general membership. It appears that this would accomplish nearly all of the goals of this change with none of the potential downside risk.

I feel like the "get to know" the candidates pages that are posted on the message board serve this purpose pretty well, and I read every one of them, every time, and assume that most other voters do as well. Maybe I'm too optimistic on that. But I think having an experienced "Nominations Committee" (Recommendation Committee?) to post up their endorsements for the BOD and reasoning, as well as work to add to the nominee list would an excellent addition!