Selling my 2012 Kawasaki EX250 that I raced CMRA on in 2013. Since then I've used it as a trackday bike for instructing and playing around. It's been upgraded and tuned as far as the rules allowed in 2013, and is very fun against stock 250s and 300s, not to mention bigger bikes on small tracks.


The motor was tuned by Billy Wiese himself. It pulls hard all the way to redline in a way no other 250 I've ever ridden does. I run it on premium most of the time but mixed it 50/50 with VP 110 when I was racing it in the summer.

The suspension was installed and set up by Onroad Offroad, Roger Albert's company. It's got a JRI 3-way adjustable shock and AK-20 cartridges in the front. It was sprung for a 190lb expert rider and is very controlled without being harsh anywhere.

The front master cylinder is a Brembo RCS 15 with a nice disc and aggressive pads. It's got a Yoshimura full exhaust system. The chain was converted to 428 and I've got a full set of sprockets to tune it for different tracks.

Quite a few spare parts including the original front MC and lines, clipons, additional levers and cables, a brand new chain, new oil filter, two jet kits, Clymer's manual, etc.

Fully race prepped - safety wired all around, has lever guard and red light on the tail.


Rough bodywork. I'm pretty sure what's there would still pass tech but it's been down a few times.

It's been sitting a while and starts right up and revs well once warm, but it could almost certainly use new oil and a good fuel system cleaning.

I love riding this bike and hate to see it go, but it deserves a better fate than collecting dust in my garage. I have a clear Texas title in my name. $2500 OBO.

Pictures available at this album link: