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Thread: Looking to buy some Race gear !!!!

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    Looking to buy some Race gear !!!!

    Ok I finally found me race prepped liter bike in Charlotte, Iím picking it up this morning so now I need some gear, Iíve been away since 2010 so my size 48 suit is a little snug in the middle lol so Iím looking for a decent set of leathers, maybe someone has a set out there they hadnít used thats at least a 50-52. I can have it altered if itís to big . Prefer nothing thatís been in a crash/or to old ....Iíll be at msrh this upcoming weekend I can met you there .
    I also need some tire warmers with gauges 120-190/200 Iíll have cash in hand let me know what out there ... thanks ....

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    Ana at Leather & Lace is holding a set of mine for sale that I used to wear but don't fit anymore. I'm just a hair under 5'11 and weighed 250 when they fit. Can't say they've never crashed but their only impacts was in mini races at a kart track so like at 30 MPH. And they're Mass leathers which hold up very well.
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    Thanks a I found warmers now I’m looking for some leathers

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    Corey, come see me by the entry gate. I have a set of black Speed/Strength leathers.

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    Hey I’d like to thank Danny Dominguez the great price on the leathers and for meeting me while I visited Oklahoma this weekend for daughters graduation . Now a got a decent back up set to use until my new Bison are ready .... Thanks Dan....

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