Hello everyone I really wanted to say thank you for being patient with us this past Friday and being a part of our first Friday race practice. All in all I heard it went well (I couldnt make it as I was at my 9-5) but we knew we'd have some hiccups but we will strive to do better. On the next event we host we will implement the Pit Announcements thru the Discord Server that we normally use at our RS events. This will send notifications to your phone wherever you are so not hearing the announcements will no longer be an issue (we did not implement it at the first event because I know most of you use Race Monitor and I did not want you to have to download another app). Walter agreed it's probably easier to use our Discord Server as Race Monitor would take too much tweaking to make work right. Also we have an agreement with the CMRA that RS will only be providing the practice at the Houston and Cresson events. The CMRA will continue to run Hallett and ECR race practice and we will make sure the schedules stay the same. Some have asked if we can provide half day race practice rates as I know it may have been available in the past but unfortunately we cannot. The Friday practices cannot cashflow if we did half day rates as the track does not give us that break. The price we and the CMRA came up with pays the cost of the track, ems, and other operating expenses. If the event pays those expenses the excess goes back to the CMRA but if it does not RS only asks for the difference so we don't lose money on the day. We do not expect or want to make money on the Friday practices. This is not meant to be a sob story LOL as most of you know we have over 30 events this year that we can hopefully cashflow to keep the lights on! Myself and Dave Johnson still need to have our day jobs! We just wanted to be transparent that our primary goal is to help in any way we can grow the club and the sport. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make race practice better. Thank you and see you at the next race practice!

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