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Thread: 2020 Yamaha R3 Turnkey Ready to Race with spares

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    2020 Yamaha R3 Turnkey Ready to Race with spares

    Bottom line up front: asking $12,500 cash. Will consider cash offers. Please contact via PM here with questions or offers. Clear and clean Texas title.

    Well in excess of $16K invested not including labor, services and miscellaneous things I have overlooked.

    This bike has never been on a race track or ridden on the street since the transformation. Everything was purchased new except what was already on the bike.

    Everything listed to the best of my recollection with links where possible. There are no doubt more details or bits and pieces I've forgotten.

    Build started with a lightly used nice condition 2020 Yamaha R3 ABS model purchased from original owner with 2,245 street only miles. The bike was in good cosmetic and mechanical condition with a clear title. The engine had <300 miles on the FTECU tune and TST intake/exhaust bits.

    The bike was stripped and reassembled with the parts listed below. Build was checked over, tweaked where appropriate, and suspension tuned by a local race shop. Front fork work rebuild included new Yamaha seals and bushings, and fork tube polishing. That work was performed by a professional which included some additional tweaks.

    ABS pump and all associated hardware was removed, no tone rings on wheels. Bike is set up for a 165 lb rider. Spring installed can likely accommodate up to 185 lb rider. Stock wiring harness is intact.

    The bike has not been weighed but is significantly lighter than stock.

    Includes pretty much all of the stock parts that came off the bike plus more.

    MOS forged Al wheels front 17x3, rear 17x4
    Fast Frank captive spacers, front and rear
    Dunlop slicks mounted, new and unused

    titanium brake caliper fasteners
    Brembo front rotor
    Brembo RCS15 front master cyclinder
    Brembo 40mm front caliper and hanger
    Brembo front brake reservoir
    Brembo front pads

    Lightened rear rotor
    ABS eliminator plug
    Brembo steel braided lines, front and rear
    compact rear brake reservoir
    Fast Frank captive rear brake caliper
    Brembo RCS shorty front brake lever

    Chassis / Controls
    Speers lower chain toe guard
    TST captive chain adjusters
    TST GP lift sliders

    Sato racing 'Race Concept' rearsets
    Superlite 415 55T rear sprocket
    Speers 415 front sprocket 18T
    DID 415ERZ solid roller chain
    fairing stay, light weight
    Moto Ricambi race fairing, with front fender, tank cover
    CNC start/stop switch set
    clutch switch eliminator
    ignition switch eliminator
    Domino throttle
    Woodcraft clipons
    sidestand switch eliminator
    Speers steering damper, kit
    Speers lever guards

    TST Emissions block off plate
    Samco radiator hoses and t-clamps
    Woodcfaft clutch case protector
    Woodcraft stator cover protector
    Norton magnetic oil drain plug
    Motion Pro overflow container and catch can
    TST ECU flash (FTECU)
    TST airbox
    MWR air filter
    TST velocity stacks
    Yoshimura R-77 stainless full exhaust
    Speers exhaust hanger bracket
    Antigravity Lithium battery, charge port installed
    Speers shift detent spring
    Yoyodyne slipper clutch w/ Barnett springs
    Speers throttle return spring

    Andreani fork cartridges
    TST triple clamp
    K-Tech Razor RR shock

    Speers CNC keyless locking fuel cap
    R & G rain light and switch
    tip over switch bypassed
    titanium axle nuts, various lightweight titanium and aluminum fasteners where possible

    MOS forged front wheel 17x3, bare
    stock wheels ready to use with cush drive, sprocket, rotors and Pirelli Corsa III tires
    Arashi brake rotors (on the stock wheels)
    stock brake rotors
    stock fairing, stay, with mirrors, seat and more
    Sato Racing rearsets, standard version
    Vortex clipons
    Speers 415 55T rear sprocket spare
    pretty much everything that was pulled off during build
    new spark plugs, whatever is on hand
    new oil filters, whatever is on hand
    various TST bits and pieces for lighting
    Ohlins fork spring kit, used, pulled from the original bike
    clutch springs, stock and new Barnettes

    When stock
    Left side
    Left again
    Left rear
    Right rear
    Top rear

    Graphics are vinyl stuck onto the white gel coat. Poor job done by me that looks okay from a distance if you squint enough. :P

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    Tank grips are Eazi-Grip Pro Clear

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    This race ready machine is still available.

    Consider the build list and spares and make an offer.

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