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Thread: Volunteer Corner Working - Gettin' Paid Watchin' Racin'!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Chahin View Post
    Hello, where can I find more details on the Air fence option? Corner working is well documented, but what all is involved with air fence? What time do you have to arrive to tear it down? About how long does it take? Any special tools or equipment? I ask because I am considering racing on Sunday morning, is it feasible to race and volunteer for air fence same day?

    Hi Jason,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, but we were all at Hallett this past weekend. Please note that contact information for those working for the club can be found on the Contact Page here: Walter and I can both be contacted on a race weekend via the phone numbers listed on the website.

    In answer to your questions, thanks for asking about where to find info about Air Fence tear down...we'll need to get that posted up!

    Air Fence tear down happens immediately following the conclusion of racing on Sunday afternoon. Ryan Rutkowski, the club's outrider/assistant Race Director, handles the coordination of Air Fence set-up and tear down, so you would report to him at the end of the day on Sunday.

    Depending on the number of pieces of Air Fence deployed and the number of helpers to tear down, I believe it takes @ 1 hour to tear down and get it wrapped up to be loaded on the trailer

    No special tools required...a pair of gloves may be helpful but not required.

    It is absolutely feasible to race on Sunday and then help with the Air Fence.

    For Prov Nov requirements, two Sundays of help with Air Fence count toward one day of the corner working requirement. The other day of corner working would have to actually be completed by the Prov Nov to count toward their requirements.

    Other folks who volunteer to help tear down the Air Fence receive compensation in the form of cash or weekend gate passes.

    Again, sorry for the delayed reply. Thanks for asking the questions so we can get the info posted. On a race weekend (or during regular business hours) please feel free to contact us via the phone numbers listed on the website.
    Nancy Selleck
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    Great info, thanks Nancy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Wilson View Post
    Scott Wilson
    Hi David, I see you found the correct forum to sign up in and I have you down. Thanks! ~Pamela

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    Nevermind I am found it in the FAQ, thank you.

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