Hey guys looking to get a street bike to get some street miles under my belt to start some track days. Ive found a couple cbr1000rrs that im interested in. As of right now I do not have my motorcycle endorsement on my license. Planning on going to a course in the next couple of weeks. Ive road dirt bikes and road on the street before just nothing serious. My insurance agent is trying to find a cheaper rate than $480/month. Info about myself 27 year old, male, ive had my license since I was 15, moving violations or accidents in the last 7+ years. Never any wreckless driving convictions. Credit is not perfect but I am a new first time home buyer. So i have a safe place to store the bike. I would be the only person riding it seeing as my wife doesnt want anything to do with it. Ive held a CDL for the past 3 years and currently im only home a couple times a month so it would be purely recreational. Does anyone have any recommendations on any companies that wont be so harsh or the wallet? Full coverage of course since id be financing the bike to help build my credit more. Sorry if this doesn't belong in the section of the forums just new to the website not to the CMRA. Been hanging out with yall since i was like 15 with my dad. Thanks for the info in advance.

P.S. The Whitleys are coming back from a long separation from the CMRA. Life gets in the way sometimes. Thanks everyone.